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WoRO Staff

Post by M h a k i on Wed Jun 01, 2011 7:03 am

Mhaki - Administrator/Lead Developer/Scripter

GM K a i - Administrator/Lead Developer/Scripter

GM Teejay - Global Moderator

GM Envy - Game Master

GM E x i a - Game Master


This is a list of staff. Forum usernames are in brackets.

Administrators keep the forums under complete control. they are there to help anyone with anything. Their PM box is always open.
Mhaki - Co-Owner
GM K a i - Co-Owner

Global Moderators:
Global Moderators are here to help take some of the moderation off the Administrators. They have complete control over moderation of the forums.
GM Teejay

Game Master:
Game Master are the one who leads the staff in absense of moderators.Also, they are here to help you & the community.
GM E x i a
GM Stun
GM Silent
M h a k i
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